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About Us
Our mission is to get you what you want and fast
Crimson Skins was founded by a group of people who believe that you should get what you want in the fastest, easiest, and least complex way possible and who understand how frustrating waiting can be. With us, you get connected with sellers from all over the world that are looking to sell what you’re looking to buy in a matter of seconds.
Your safety is our TOP priority
We believe that peace of mind is priceless and that you deserve to experience the joy of finding that AK-47 skin you’ve been looking for for ages without worrying about the safety of your hard-earned money. We strive to create a secure trading environment in which you feel comfortable buying, selling, browsing, and doing whatever else you choose to do.
We believe that you can never stop improving
We literally have a pair of rocket scientists with master's degrees in controls and software engineering, another software engineer, and a robotics engineer that also studied finance. We put our heads together to bring you the most innovative marketplace possible, and we never stop thinking about ways to improve. We haven’t reinvented the wheel yet, but we won't stop trying.
Meet Our CEO: Zachery Kern
Zachery is an aerospace engineer, entrepreneur, and CSGO Player. He constantly is trying to think of ways to improve and is the voice behind much of our social media. Get to know him more through LinkedIn or contact us through He'll be the guy answering.
Meet Our CTO: Alex Spradlin
Alex has a Master's degree in software engineering and is an aspiring doctor in the upcoming years. Alex has been a driving force behind Essentially, every link you click, skin you inspect, and bot you trade with she coded by hand. Get to know Alex better through her LinkedIn:
Meet Our CFO: Julie Rosen
Julie has a Master's in finance and is the most driven individual one could ever meet. was actually a dream Julie decided to pursue while sitting in a coffee shop in Philadelphia with Zachery. Ever since that day, she has stopped at nothing to make a reality. Get to know her through LinkedIn:
Meet Our COO: Dr. Alfonso Noriega
Alfonso is a PhD. in aerospace engineering and, as you could probably guess, is basically a genius. He has been the brain behind many of the technical issues that had to be solved to make possible. Find out more about Alfonso through LinkedIn: