Crimson Skins : Game On - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
We have simplified the skins trading process and made it safer than ever. The process goes something like this:
1. Sign in through Steam to create a profile on this site.
2. Fill in the additional information that we request from our users (we won't send you any spam, don't worry).
3. Buy some credits! Credits are the currency used to buy skins on this site.
4. Show some skins! Use the "Sell" link to view the skins in your inventory. You can then choose what you want to list on this site. After you confirm which skins you want to list, one of our bots will be with you shortly to collect the items.
5. So you've purchased some credits. Now you can use those credits to buy skins that others have listed (don't have enough credits? Purchasing more will add to your wallet). After confirming your purchase, one of our bots will contact you on Steam to deliver your new skins.
6. Ready to make some real money? Select the "Cash out" option on your account page and enter the number of credits that you want to convert to USD. In a few days, check your bank account for some REAL CASH!
How do I feature an item?
Featured items are shown on the home page so that more visitors will see them! They also show up first when users are browsing through skins. To feature an item, check the “Feature it” checkbox when you list that item. Note that there’s a $1.20 charge per item. This fee is automatically taken from your wallet when you list the item.
Why are there minimum buy-in and cash out amounts?
The service that we use to process all buy-in and cash out requests is Stripe. This service provides secure and reliable handling of your personal information with the added benefit of quick and easy payouts. However, Stripe charges a (2.9% + $0.30) fee on each transaction. In order for us to provide you with an ever-improving user experience coupled with low commission rates and no transaction fees, we must set minimum buy-in and cash out limits.
How can I retrieve my item after listing it?
You can retrieve your item at any time! Simply follow these steps: in the account navigation pane in the top left corner of the page, click on the “Dashboard” link located in the dropdown that appears when you hover over your Steam nickname. Click the “Listings” link on your dashboard. You will see all of your current listings. Click the “Cancel Listings” sub-link. Once in the “Cancel Listings” page, you will again see all of your current listings with the option to select them for cancellation. Pressing the select button will place them in the cancellation queue on the left side of the page. After you have selected all of the listings you wish to cancel (3 per day for free), simply agree to the terms and conditions and hit submit. You will be taken to a confirmation page, and your items will be returned to you. Easy! Just accept the trade offer that you receive from our bot!
Can I get a refund for credits that I've purchased?
To put it simply... no. We do not offer refunds for credits purchased. You are more than welcome to cash-out any credits you have purchased. However, commission will be deducted. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns on this topic.
Why can't I sell an item for more than 20% over its median market price?
This is to keep the marketplace a somewhat fair environment in which to trade. Additionally, our bots have a lot to carry, and they threaten mutiny if we make them hold on to something for too long. Plus, no one wants to purchase your $2 item for $1500, so we are forcing you to stahp that. It's annoying.
Where can I ask more questions?
If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please contact us at [email protected], OR if you are already a registered user, use the Intercom bubble located in the lower right-hand corner of the page! We will answer all questions as soon as we possibly can.
What is a Stripe managed account?
A Stripe managed account is essentially a Stripe account that we take care of for you. It is the same way that other large companies handle payouts to their employees. With a Stripe controlled account, all of your personal information is stored safely and securely on Stripe's Fort Knox-like servers and doesn't touch our (also Fort Knox-like) servers. Additionally, your controlled account will handle all of your cash-outs, ensuring that the money you earn makes its way safely to your bank account. In a nutshell, a Stripe managed account makes transactions safer, quicker, and more easy.
What does my member status mean?
Your member status decides the commission rate that we receive when you sell an item. We are currently in the middle of developing a system for you to change your member status, giving you the opportunity to lower the commission rate that we take off or your sales and providing you with the opportunity to cancel more of your listings at a time.
When will credits be deposited into my wallet after my item is purchased?
The credits will be deposited to your wallet within a few minutes of another user purchasing your listing. In those few minutes, we are ensuring that the other user has received your items from our bot. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
Why are the bots down?
We rely on Steam's constant availability to run the website properly. If Steam's servers are down, we are also down by default. This is, as you can imagine, beyond our control.
How many items can I buy/sell?
There are no restrictions on the number of items you can buy/sell.
Why am I unable to list some of my items?
Due to Stripe fees, we are unable to allow listings for less than 1 credit. Without this constraint, you would not receive any money for your item.
What does the status of my listing mean?
"In Review" means that your item has been received and is currently with a bot but that we are gathering the information we need for a user to buy it. After this information has been gathered, the listing will be put up and ready for purchase by other users. "With Bot" is pretty self-explanatory. Your item is stored with one of our bots and is listed, waiting for it's opportunity to make you some cash!