Crimson Skins : Game On - Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Collected Personal Information
Crimson Skins does not, and will not, share any private data collected with ANY third party. That includes all information gathered via Steam, Stripe, PayPal, or other payment options. That also includes any other personal information you provide such as your name, phone number, email address, etc. Any information we collect is used strictly for verification purposes to keep you, our valued customer, safe from fraud.
Stripe Account
All monetary transactions will be carried out by a third party API (Stripe). You must have a Stripe account to checkout with Stripe, and you must have a PayPal account to checkout with PayPal. By connecting your account, you are allowing to create a credit card charge or credit or purchase or cashout.
Steam Account
Crimson Skins will at no point ask for your Steam login credentials on site or by e-mail!!! Be sure to never give your Steam credentials to anyone from for any reason. All information needed by Crimson Skins will be obtained through Steam connect. Steam connect allows us to gather public information from your Steam account such as your Steam ID, avatar, inventory, etc.
Crimson Skins solemnly swears to never SPAM you. We will only use our knowledge of your email address for good! We will email you about things that are important such as purchases made on your account, listing verifications, credit transactions on your account, notifications about your listings, and the very occasional promotional sale. Essentially, all the information you actually want and nothing you don't need.